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Competition or Cooperation for x ray bed enterprises?

An article published on April 15 in the US “Diplomacy” magazine said that after China curbed the spread of domestic viruses, the United States and Western Europe suffered the impact of a large outbreak. The outbreak and the upcoming global economic recession marked the reorganization of the geopolitical pattern. Will win.

The “Diplomacy” article argues that the other side of Beijing’s success is that Washington did not respond quickly to the epidemic, and the United States did not coordinate with its allies in a timely manner, giving Beijing an opportunity. In addition, Washington refused to sign the 7-nation statement because the foreign ministers of other Western countries disagreed with the use of the “Wuhan virus”, which is not conducive to multilateral coordination against China.

George Green, Evan S. Medeiros, an expert on international issues at Georgetown University, said in a separate article published in Diplomacy that the United States insisted on using the “Wuhan virus” to refer to the new virus, which violated the World Health Organization. Regulations and positions of other Western countries. They believe that if the United States wants to compete with China for international leadership, it should start by building positive things in the crisis, rather than use the crisis to isolate and stimulate Beijing.
Although the competition in the medical industry is fierce, unity and coexistence and harmonious development, and x ray beds have introduced more favorable policies.
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