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X ray bed helps medical development

US CNN reporter James Griffiths wrote that China’s national media has reported a large number of praises from the World Health Organization and other parties, and compared China’s early achievements in curbing the spread of the virus with slower epidemic prevention measures in other countries. In an article on April 22, he said that the virus crisis brought China an opportunity to establish a superpower and a global leader, while at the same time the United States was acting out of control to contain the epidemic, and President Trump alienated from the US priority policy ally.

CNN’s report also quoted the comments of Mareike Ohlberg, a researcher at the Mokato China Institute in Berlin, Germany. The author said in last year ’s report that China ’s bringing the “War Wolf Spirit” to Twitter is a long-term strategy. “The CCP aims to change the global debate on China ’s and other CCP ’s concerns and bring world public opinion closer to the Position. The intention is to gradually change the dialogue and increase the narrative influence of the CCP.
Surviving the competition, our medical industry has also greatly improved, especially the x ray bed.
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