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Can Newheek Veterinary x ray tables radiography large pets?

Recently, a lot of customers consulted us about Veterinary x ray table, hoping that our Veterinary x ray table can carry Bucky Tray and Veterinary x ray table as well.

It can be equipped with wheels to ensure that the bed can also be moved.

With the development of the times, more and more people will keep pets to enjoy their time and place more trust in them.

Animals are the best friends of human beings, so the physical condition of pets has attracted our attention, so now there are many pet hospitals and pet clinics.

But some friends prefer to keep large pets. Many customers will ask what kind of Veterinary x ray table we have for large pets.

Under normal circumstances, our Veterinary x ray tables are no problem in terms of load-bearing, customers can choose at ease.

With bucky type medical X ray table

If you are interested in our Veterinary x ray table, please contact us accordingly.


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