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Can Table bucky be used with a mobile X-ray machine?

With bucky type medical X ray table

It can be matched with portable X-ray machine, mobile X-ray machine, C-arm, U-arm and veterinary X-ray machine.

Our Table bucky comes with a bucky tray. The Bucky tray can move horizontally, and can easily move the Bucky tray to make film positioning.

For some inconvenient movement, or large veterinary difficult to move, we can move the Bucky tray, easy to receive images.

At the same time, our camera bed has four wheels, which can be moved. The wheels have foot brakes, which can be easily fixed. This operation is also convenient for medical staff and patients.

So the advantage of this Table bucky is that it can move easily, operate easily and move easily.

Use of medical X ray table

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