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Can Newheek ray tables be used with portable X-ray machines?

How to choose a vet table

Newheek’s veterinary x ray table has many types, such as 4-way ray table, movable ray table and fixed ray table.

At the same time, the size of our ray table bucky tray can be customized according to customer requirements: 14 “x17”, 17 “x17”.

Our ray tables can be used with portable X-ray machines. Our four-way ray tables have pillars to hold portable X-ray machines on the pillars. Columns and beds are movable. And the height of the bed is also suitable for the operator to stand and fix pets.

At the same time, for larger pets, because once placed on the bed, it is difficult to move again, it can be easily positioned by moving the bed or moving the pillar to bucky tray.

Columns and wagons move synchronously, so it is easy to locate and receive images.

Application of the veterinary X ray table

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