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x ray table that can be raised and lowered

Everyone is curious about the x ray table   that can be raised and lowered. Let me talk about the film bed that can be raised and lowered.
First of all, I will popularize the knowledge of the film bed that can be raised and lowered. The film bed is also known as a flat bed for photography. It can be used with C-arm, mobile DR, mobile X-ray machine and portable X-ray machine. It is mainly to carry out photographic examination of the abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions. There are two main types of film beds that can be raised and lowered in our company. One is manual lift, also known as C-arm hydraulic bed, because the height of ordinary film beds is not suitable for C-arms, and the height of this manually-lifted film bed can be adjusted by yourself. , and our bed has two types: transparent and opaque; one is electric lift, which is more convenient, but the price is relatively high. Of course, our company also has ordinary filming beds, including fixed, mobile, medical and veterinary use. In short, we have various styles of film beds, and there is always one that can meet your needs!
We can recommend the most suitable for you according to your needs. If you also want to buy a x ray table, please contact us, our phone number is +8617616362243!



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