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How to choose a radiography table

Many friends don’t know how to choose a radiography table, so today we will first popularize the knowledge about tables and how we should choose the most suitable radiography table.
The radiography table can be used with sickle arm, mobile DR, portable X-ray machine and mobile X-ray machine. Tables are divided into medical and veterinary. Medical radiography tables are generally mobile, and veterinary tables are generally fixed. The medical mainly performs photographic examination on the chest, limbs, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions. The veterinary table mainly takes pictures of the pet’s head, chest, limbs, abdomen and bones in standing, lying and side positions. However, whether it is medical or veterinary, their materials are the same, mainly acrylic boards, that is, plexiglass and carbon fiber boards. Carbon fiber boards are more expensive than acrylic boards, and acrylic boards are more cost-effective. Therefore, most customers choose acrylic boards for radiography tables. Then our usual medical mobile table is mainly composed of countertop components, filming and components, which are divided into those with buckys and those without buckys. If you want to put a flat-panel detector, it is recommended to bring a bucky. The stroke of the bucky is greater than 800mm, and the length and width of the table board are 2000*580mm. The price of the bucky is relatively higher. The above is the relevant knowledge of the radiography table. I hope that through the explanation of the editor, you can choose the most suitable table. If you have other questions and want to consult or need to buy a radiography table or other products, welcome to consult! Tel: +86 18953679166.


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