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X-ray bed in the moving direction of six-way x ray bed

Six-way-floating diagnostic bed

Newheek’s X-ray bed includes four-way floating medical x-ray table, six-way bed and simple X-ray bed.

Four-way floating x ray bed can be equipped with certain X-ray components and assembled into an X-ray machine for use. Six-way bed and simple X-ray bed can be photographed with X-ray machine and can be moved.

Today, let’s briefly talk about Newheek six-way bed. Our six-way bed can be used together with X-ray machine. It can move in six directions, including horizontal and vertical movement, as well as lifting movement.

The x ray bed surface size of our six-way x ray bed is 2005X800mm, which is mainly controlled by pedal switch.

Floating medical X ray table in six directions

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