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Does a vet x ray table make up an X-ray machine?

How to choose a vet table

Newheek’s three models vet x ray tables means veterinary x ray tables can be combined with related configurations to form a veterinary X-ray machine. On the premise of customer needs, we can help customers equip with complete X-ray machine parts. Including X-ray Collimator, X-ray tube, high voltage generator, high voltage cable and a series of X-ray machine components.

Two of our vet x ray tables, which follow the column synchronously, can ensure that the X-ray tube out of the X-ray, irradiation to the pet detection part of the image can be projected to the detector.

Veterinary X ray table for small X ray machines

The size of our vet x ray table wagon can be customized according to customers’ requirements. It can hold cassettes, CR IP boards, DR flat panel detectors and so on. It can satisfy various needs of customers.

How to choose a vet table

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