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Why choose our pet x ray table

Why choose our pet x ray table, let me explain why.
Our pet x ray table is mainly fixed, which is divided into two types: one is to hang a portable X-ray machine, and the other is to combine with a ball tube, and they can be combined into a fixed pet X-ray machine. Our pet filming bed has many advantages: 1. It can be used in conjunction with veterinary X-ray generators, and is suitable for pet hospitals at all levels; 2. It can realize the examination of the head, chest, X-ray photography of the abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts; 3. This product can be used in large and medium-sized veterinary hospitals or X-ray irradiation clinics, and can also be used in medical research institutions and medical schools for scientific research and teaching; 4. Our equipment Equipped with a film box, which can hold CR, DR and IP boards of different sizes; 5. The bed surface can float in four directions and can also be electromagnetically locked.
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