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What are the advantages of Radiology x ray table

The medical Radiology x ray table is mainly used in combination with gastrointestinal machines and X-ray machines. Let’s take a look at the advantages of medical Radiology x ray tables.
1. Reduce x-ray radiation. The digital image formed by the R system requires less X-ray dose than traditional film imaging and CR images, so it can obtain clear images with lower X-ray dose while reducing patient exposure to X-ray radiation.
2. Image post-processing vpsoivl has powerful functions. Diagnosis doctors can extract rich and reliable clinical diagnosis information from a series of image post-processing technologies according to the specific conditions of the patient’s disease, and provide a good diagnostic basis for the diagnosis of the disease, especially for early detection of lesions.
3. Imaging speed is fast. Because the DR system has changed the traditional photography and imaging methods in the past, the time resolution has been significantly improved, and digital images can be obtained 10 seconds after exposure, which greatly improves work efficiency, and can inspect various parts of the body, which is greatly convenient Clinical practice diagnosis and treatment of critically ill and emergency patients.
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