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Why can’t the medical X-ray table be locked?

The mobile medical X-ray table can be used in conjunction with X-ray machines, etc., and is suitable for standing, lying, and lateral photography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs and other parts of the human body in hospitals at all levels. The medical X-ray table can be used for X-ray photography in various hospitals, and can also be used for scientific research and teaching in medical research institutes and medical colleges.
A customer bought a medical X-ray table and asked why the medical X-ray table could not be locked, and asked the customer to take a picture of the film box and send it to us for reference. By viewing the photo, we learned that the customer did not lock the film box with the handle. If you lose it carefully, the film box cannot be locked, and then send the two locking handles to the customer to lock the film box. The customer is very grateful.
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