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Mobile radiography table

There are customers consulting medical mobile radiography table, customers through our company website to see our company’s medical mobile radiography table. What customers want is a mobile radiography table without a film cassette. So recommended the following medical mobile radiography table to the customer.
The detailed information of this film bed was sent to customers for reference,
The bed surface is plexiglass, which has three colors: transparent, white and blue. Color surface size is 2020 mm x 800 mm x 690 mm, thickness ≥ 10 mm, bearing capacity ≥ 125 kg. Equipped with high strength anti winding mute medical wheels, two of which have wheel positioning locking function when working.
Our company Shandong newheek produces and sells all kinds of X-ray machines and parts. The products are widely used in medical and health fields at home and abroad. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

How many types of mobile medical x ray table does Newheek have


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