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What kind of film bed is used in the Radiology x ray table

As we all know, there are many types of medical Radiology x ray table, so which one is mainly used in radiology department? Today, let’s learn with me
Take several beds produced by our company as an example. There are 6 types of filming beds produced by our company: with film box, without film box, four-way (up, down, left, right) floating flat bed, six-way (front, back, up, down, left, Right) Floating photography flat bed, electric lift photography flat bed and manual lifting hydraulic bed. Among them, the last hydraulic bed is mainly used with C-arm X-ray machine, the tilt angle range is 0~25°, and it can be lifted manually. The remaining five can be used with most X-ray machines, mobile DR, etc. The film box is mainly used for placing flat panel detectors. Most of the bed boards produced by our company are made of acrylic material, and carbon fiber boards can be made if required.
Our company can provide the Radiology x ray table used in the radiology department. If you need it, please feel free to inquire.

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