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Photography flat bed that can be matched with various medical X-ray machines

Everyone is curious about the Radiology x ray table that can be used with various medical X-ray machines. The following editor will satisfy everyone’s curiosity.
First of all, I will popularize the knowledge of the Radiology x ray table. The photography flat bed, also known as the filming bed, can be used with sickle arm, mobile DR, mobile X-ray machine and portable X-ray machine. It is mainly to carry out photographic examination of the abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions. Our photography flatbeds are available in mobile and stationary, and they come in many models. The mobile photography flat bed is composed of flat bed components, film box components, etc. It is mainly divided into with film box and without film box. If you want to place a flat panel detector, generally choose a film box; its film box The stroke is greater than 800mm; then the length*width of the bed board is 2000*580mm, and the material is acrylic board; the maximum size of the final film is 17″×17″. Fixed photography flat beds are divided into two types: medical and veterinary, but each has different models. The medical models are NKPIBI and NKPVBI. There are mainly two types of veterinary beds, one is a veterinary bed with a ball tube, and the other is a veterinary bed with a combined head.
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