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What can the radiography table be used with?

In the field of medical equipment, radiography table is a common auxiliary equipment. Its main function is to provide a fixed platform suitable for taking X-rays, so that doctors can diagnose the disease more accurately. In addition to the radiography table itself, there are many other auxiliary equipment that can be used in conjunction with it. Here are some common examples.
1. X-ray machine An X-ray machine refers to a device that emits X-rays and is usually used for image diagnosis. With the use of the X-ray table, the doctor can better capture the parts that need to be observed by adjusting the position and angle of the X-ray machine. Some modern medical equipment, such as digital X-ray machines, can also directly transmit image data to a computer, which is convenient for doctors to consult at any time.
2. CT/MRI In addition to X-rays, CT scans and MRI are also commonly used diagnostic imaging methods. They can provide more detailed data so doctors can make more accurate diagnoses. With the use of radiography table, doctors can operate and control the scanning range more conveniently.
3. Operating table Some diseases that require surgery need to be performed on the operating table. When used with the radiography table, the operating table can provide a more comfortable and fixed position, which is convenient for doctors to perform surgical operations and perform imaging diagnosis at any time.
4. Mobile equipment In addition, some mobile equipment, such as wheelchairs, stretchers and hospital beds, can also be used in conjunction with radiography tables. When moving the patient, doctors can use these devices to easily transfer the patient to the radiography table for imaging diagnosis.
In conclusion, the X-ray table can be used in conjunction with many other medical devices. These devices can provide doctors with more accurate and convenient imaging diagnosis, so as to better serve patients’ health.
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