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Veterinary X Ray Bed Size

Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of X-ray imaging equipment. The X-ray imaging equipment independently produced is widely used in domestic and foreign medical and health fields, industrial non-destructive testing fields and veterinary (pre-clinical) )field. In terms of pets, our company mainly produces veterinary x ray beds, pet X-ray machines, veterinary X-ray machines and other equipment, which are easy to operate and guaranteed in quality. Today we will mainly look at the size and related parameters of the veterinary photography flat bed.
Our company produces many different styles of photography flat beds. Today we mainly look at the two types of hanging ball tube and hanging portable machine. Among them, the size of the veterinary bed in the arena is 600×730×700 (mm) (length×width×height), the movement range of the bed surface is 800mm vertically and 230mm horizontally, the distance from the bed surface to the film: 85mm, the X-ray tube assembly, The column can move 620 mm laterally, move up and down: 1200 mm, and rotate around the center of the arm: ±180º. Flat bed for veterinary photography with portable camera head. Bed length: 1300mm, bed width: 640mm, bed height: 750mm, column height: 1600mm. Total height of photography flat bed: 1830mm, column stroke: 500mm.
The two veterinary flat beds can be used with a ball tube or a portable camera to shoot small animals. With a flat-panel detector, they can be directly imaged on a computer. The operation is simple and convenient, and the image is clear. If you are interested in our veterinary x ray bed, please feel free to consult us.Whatsapp:+86 18953613955.

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