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What are the radiography tables used with mobile DR?

The following are commonly used radiography tables used with mobile DR:
1. Fixed radiography table: fixed DR detector can be installed, and the height of the light box and the width of the table can be adjusted, which is suitable for the situation where the filming position needs to be fixed for a long time.
2. Movable radiography table: The mobile table can speed up filming and save time. Usually consists of wheels and a collapsible frame for easy movement and storage. Can be used for impromptu shooting or situations where multiple angles are required.
3. Radiography table with portable light box: The table and light box are combined to become a portable whole, which is convenient to carry and operate. Useful for on-the-go filming or when you need a quick setup.
4. Air-cushion radiography table: The air-cushion table can help bear the weight and stabilize the shooting position during filming. Control table height and posture by inflating or releasing air cushions. It is suitable for situations where a stable filming position is required.
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