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A customer from Slovenia ordered our radiography table

On June 1st, a Slovenian customer consulted our radiography table through the website. The customer indicated that it should be used with mobile DR. We sent the product information to the customer and communicated about the price, and the other party said that it needs to be considered. On June 3rd, the other party asked how thick a flat panel detector Bucky’s film holder can hold, and we replied about 1.7cm. On June 14th, the customer decided to buy a radiography table with bucky. On June 16th, we will send out the goods because we have the goods in stock.
Radiography table is the accessory equipment of X-ray machine, which is composed of several parts such as table panel, bracket and universal wheel. Using the combination of the existing medical X-ray machine in the medical institution and this device, it can perform radiographic examination on the abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body.
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