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Veterinary x ray table from we Newheek

Newheek has developed four veterinary x ray tables for pet hospitals for pet X-ray film diagnostics. There is a veterinary x ray table (no cassette), a fixed veterinary x ray table, a four-way floating veterinary x ray table, and a veterinary photography flat bed.
The pet film bed can be used together with X-ray machines, radiators and other machines for pet medical hospitals to make medical diagnosis of the animal’s head, chest, abdomen, bones and other parts. The Veterinary x ray table can also be used for research and teaching in medical research institutes and medical colleges.
Simply introduce the information of the veterinary x ray table that the US customer asks.
Vet tabel NK-VT02
Table size 1300mmx640mm
Table height 740mm
Column height 1600mm
Column horizontal travel 430mm
Cassette travel 430mm
Overall size 1300x640x1830mm
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veterinary x ray table


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