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Types of Radiography Table

According to the material, the panel material of the Radiography Table surface mainly includes density plate, carbon fiber and glass plate.

Introduction of medical X ray table

Use of mobile Medical bed


According to the mobile mode, there are mobile and fixed. We have made foot switch on the wheels of the movable Radiography Table, which can effectively prevent the mistakes caused by the movable Radiography Table.

According to the imaging mode, it can be divided into 2 kinds: the one with bucky tray and the other without the bucky tray.

Of course, there is PET Radiography Table.

Newheek four-way floating Radiography Table has been the most consulted recently. Compared with the previous four-way Radiography Table, the advantages of the new type of Radiography Table mainly lie in controlling the table surface floating by infrared ray.

Features of medical X ray table

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