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The structure and type of medical radiology table

The medical x ray table radiology of the Newheek brand is divided into medical and pet film beds, and the medical x ray table radiology is used for X-ray diagnosis.
Introduction to bucky medical X ray table
There are 5 kinds of medical x ray table radiology, namely: NK-T15 photography flat bed, film bed (without film box), medical x ray table radiology (with film box), mobile flat bed (NK-T1, NK-T2, NK-T3), Four-way floating film bed.
Among them, the four-way floating photography flat bed is an integrated photography flat bed, which is fully functional and easy to use. It is a medical x ray table radiology that is popular among thin customers.
These four models of medical x ray table radiology can be used for standing, lying, lateral photography, and kV photography on the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, etc. of hospitals at all levels.


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