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The advantages of X-ray table are as follows

The X-ray table produced by our company is favored by many customers, and the bed surface of the X-ray table is convenient for patient positioning. It can perform general photography in standing and lying positions on the human head, chest and other parts.
The advantages of this X-ray table are as follows,
1. X-ray table, the bed surface can be raised and lowered, and the bed surface can float in four directions. Realize clinical photography without dead ends.
2. With powerful image post-processing functions, doctors can extract rich and reliable clinical diagnostic information from a series of image post-processing technologies according to the specific conditions of the patient’s disease, and provide a good diagnostic basis for the diagnosis of the disease.
3. The imaging speed is fast, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and can inspect all parts of the body, which greatly facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of clinically ill patients.
4. X-ray table foot switch is controlled by infrared induction and electromagnetic lock. It is convenient for the doctor’s work, and the operation is flexible and light.

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