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Software calibration of flat panel detector

Recently, a Philippine customer consulted us about flat panel detector. Our flat panel detectors are divided into wired and wireless detectors with sizes of 14 “X17” and 17 “X17”. We sent our product information to our customers. The customers finally chose 14 “X17” wireless flat panel detector. The standard configuration of this flat panel detector is a flat panel detector, an English version of image processing software, two standard batteries and one charger.
For the flat panel detector debugging and calibration problem, customers have always been very concerned, this is not to worry about, for the flat panel detector calibration, in different environments, need to debug, we will reach the customer address, the flat panel detector software calibration online, will teach customers how to calibrate and debug. There is no need for customers to come to our factory for training at all, and we have conducted training and guidance for many customers, and the effect is only very good.
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