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Sharing of x-ray table transportation and installation problems

X-ray table is a kind of auxiliary medical equipment. After we made the choice of x-ray table, the installation and transportation of x-ray table is also a big problem, because many customers will order our x-ray table products due to time issues. Being processed, I want to know why it takes a long time to pack. The following focuses on the transportation and installation of some x-ray tables. Because many customers are far away, it is necessary to consider the possible impact of the long distance on the x-ray table. .
Therefore, we will give priority to the protection of the x-ray table. In remote areas, we may choose to disassemble and pack, because the distance is far, shaking may cause damage. We hope to provide our customers with the best services and products, so we try our best to consider the possible situations in the transportation process and try to do all the situations.
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