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Introduction of veterinary X-ray table

Our Newheek veterinary X-ray table is specially designed for veterinary hospitals at all levels. The veterinary X-ray table is equipped with a veterinary X-ray machine to perform standing or lying position imaging inspections on the bones of the animal’s head, chest, limbs, etc. . This veterinary X-ray table can be used for scientific research and teaching in medical research institutions and medical schools.
The bed surface of the veterinary X-ray table is made of plexiglass, which can be floated in four directions from front to back, left to right, and controlled by electromagnetic locking of the foot pedal. The specific parameters are as follows:
Bed size: 1400mmx720mm
Bed height: 830mm
Column height: 2100mm
Horizontal stroke of the bed surface: 260mm
Longitudinal stroke of bed surface: 120mm
If you are interested in this veterinary X-ray table, please call for consultation.

veterinary X-ray table


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