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Radiography table

Medical radiography table is a very important equipment in modern hospitals, which provides a better working environment for doctors and medical workers and ensures the safety and comfort of patients.
A radiography table is a device used to take pictures of patients. It is generally flat, simple design structure, easy to operate. The X-ray table is equipped with a transparent plate that allows X-rays to pass through the patient’s body and hit the X-ray plate that falls on the transparent plate. This device is widely used in X-ray examination, especially for the shooting of postures, allowing doctors to judge the condition and diagnosis more accurately.
Medical radiography tables are common and necessary equipment in hospitals, they bring better experience and safety to patients. In the future, the functions and performance of these devices will continue to be upgraded and improved to better meet the needs of both doctors and patients, bringing more convenience and innovation to the entire medical industry.
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radiography table


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