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Newheek new fixed veterinary flat bed

Recently, our veterinary flat bed purchased by an Australian customer arrived in Hong Kong. The customer has set a model that can be attached to the combined head. This one is our new product, the bed is fixed, there is a column, and a portable X-ray machine that can be hung with a combined head.
The main features of the veterinary flat bed are:
1. It can be used in conjunction with a portable veterinary X-ray machine, suitable for pet hospitals at all levels.
2. It can realize the radiography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the pet while standing, lying down and lying on his side.
3. The product can be used in large and medium-sized veterinary hospitals or X-ray clinics, and can also be used in medical research institutions and medical schools for scientific research and teaching.
4. The equipment is equipped with a cart, which can place CR, DR and IP boards of different sizes;
5. The bed surface can float in four directions and can be electromagnetically locked.
Recently, many customers inquired about this veterinary flat bed product, which shows that it is more popular. If you also need it, please contact us, we have professional staff to serve you.

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