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Mobile photography table with film cart, suitable for community clinics

Many customer inquiries recently the mobile photography radiology table for X-ray machine photography. The simple mobile photography radiology table surface is a plexiglass radiology table. The specific details are not available. The user is a community clinic, saying that there are many devices that need to be purchased, but the total budget price is not More than *10,000, such a conversion is estimated to be a cheap mobile photography radiology table, otherwise the budget is not enough. Recommended simple mobile photography radiology table.
Why is this radiology table called a mobile photography radiology table?The radiology table has a silent wheel under the bed, so it is called a mobile type. Of the 4 silent wheels, 2 brake wheels and 2 four-way wheels. It is not difficult to see from the picture above that radiology table panel is fixed and cannot be moved. Furthermore, the structure is relatively simple, not as complicated as a four-way table or a six-way table. There is a carriage under the table, which can move left and right according to the position of the patient. The cassette, IP board and DR flat panel detector can be stored on the carriage. The specific size can be customized according to customer needs. Then there is the choice of table panel material, the most common is MDF, then the plexiglass panel, the most expensive is the carbon fiber panel. Newheek Image can accept customized services from customers.If you have any questions or problems with X-ray radiology table, please call us.Our company specializes in producing image-enhanced TV systems. Products include image intensifiers, CCD cameras, image processors, and monitors. The products are exported to Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East, and are well received by customers from various countries. Vertical, mobile chest frame, various types of X-ray machine parts, if you need similar X-ray flat panel detectors, please call to discuss.


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