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Mobile film photography flat bed manufacturer

Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of mobile X-ray photography flat beds. It provides a variety of X-ray photography flat beds. Customers can choose the appropriate style according to their needs.
The X-ray photography flat bed is divided into fixed type and mobile type. The fixed X-ray photography flat bed can be equipped with a high-voltage generator, a ball tube, etc. to assemble an X-ray machine. The mobile filming and photography flat bed is mainly used with various styles of X-ray machines. Ordinary DRX-ray machines can choose our regular mobile photography flat bed, which has two styles with film box and without film box. If it is equipped with a C-arm X-ray machine, you can choose our hydraulic lift photography flat bed. In addition, there are four-way floating and six-way floating photography flat beds to choose from, which can be used with suspended DRX-ray X-ray machines or other styles of X-ray machines.
The material of the flat bed for mobile filming and photography provided by our company is mainly acrylic material, which is available in two colors, transparent and porcelain white, with high light transmittance, strong material and high cost performance.Whatsapp:+86 18953679166.

C-arm special bed


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