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Installation of medical X-ray table

Some customers ask about the installation method of our company’s medical X-ray table, and some customers even ask our personnel to go to the customer’s destination to install and debug the medical X-ray table.

In order to facilitate the transportation of the medical X-ray tables produced by our company, the medical X-ray tables are disassembled and packaged, and then assembled after arriving at the destination. However, the installation of the medical X-ray table is very simple, just align the position of the bed body and the bed legs, and tighten the screws.

Our medical X-ray tables are divided into cassettes and those without cassettes. The bed surface is made of acrylic. The bottom of the medical X-ray table has 2 wheels that can be braked, which is convenient for doctors to move and operate. The medical X-ray table can The X-ray machine equipped with C-arm or U-arm is used at a relatively affordable price. The size of the medical X-ray table meets the needs of most users.

medical X-ray table


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