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Inquiry of veterinary X-ray table for portable x ray machine

A customer from Israel consulted our veterinary X-ray table. The customer wanted to buy our veterinary X-ray table with a portable camera head, and hoped that this table could hold a cassette.
Our new veterinary X-ray table meets the needs of our customers. Let me briefly introduce the Newheek veterinary X-ray table.
● It can be used in conjunction with veterinary portable x ray to suitable for all levels of pet hospitals.
● Radiography of pets’ head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, etc. in standing position, lying position, and lateral position.
● It can be used in large and medium-sized veterinary hospitals or clinics for x-ray radiography, and can also be used by
medical research institutions and medical schools for scientific research and teaching.
● The device is equipped with a cassette tray, which can install different sizes of flat panel detector, CR cassette or x ray film
cassette; the table surface can float in four directions and be electromagnetically locked.
le surface material: Acrylic
Table surface size :1360 mm x 720 mm
Table height: 830 mm
Fixed column height: 1910 mm
Table surface horizontal travel: 260 mm
Table surface vertical travel: 120 mm
Overall size: 1360mm×720mm×1910mm
If you are interested in our veterinary X-ray table, please contact us.

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