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How to use four-way floating radioglogy table?

How to use four-way floating radioglogy table?

X ray table bucky type

1. Column on the Four-way floating radioglogy table
Install the column on the right side of the four-way floating radioglogy table with the pulleys. Align the pulleys for installation. The forklift will be used during the installation process. The column is heavy and the installation process requires one person to control the forklift and the film bed for alignment. Individuals support the column, and the person who controls the forklift must control the direction of the forklift and move slowly. A slight accident may cause a safety accident. Therefore, this is the most important part.
2. Controller tube
The tube can not be reversed, especially the tube tube clamp and the expansion screw. If it is reversed, the tube will fall off and cause safety damage to the person who made the film. The support frame, baffle and counterweight must be installed.
3. Power-on part
The power-receiving part must be operated according to the strict requirements of the manual, otherwise it will not be worth the loss. After the power is completed, test it. Be sure to start the switch several times to see if there is any contact or leakage. After the inspection, it can be used normally.
The above is the installation process of the four-way floating radioglogy table. If you need a four-way floating radioglogy table, please contact our customer service.


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