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Four-way floating radiology table features and specific operations

The Newheek four-way floating radiology table is a very popular table. Let me introduce you to the functions and specific operations of the four floating film beds:

Mobile X ray table material
1. Power on: press the power switch, the indicator light is on, and the camera bed is powered on;
2. The arm moves up and down: when the controller panel arm is pressed up and down to move the switch, the upper and lower sides can move freely.
3. Arm rotation: When the controller panel arm rotation switch is pressed, the tube can rotate freely.
4. Left and right movement of the column: When the controller column is pressed to move the switch to the left and right, the column can move left and right.
5. Bed surface floating: When the foot switch micro switch is pressed, the bed surface can be floated left and right, and then locked and released.
Film bed

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