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How to choose veterinary x ray table?

Newheek has three vet table. Choose the vet table according to the purpose of the vet table.
Some customers asked about the vet table, this vet table is NK-VT02 vet table.
What are the characteristics of Newheek's pet veterinary x ray table
Newheek has three vet table: NK-VT01, NK-VT02 and NK-VT03. NK-VT02 has a bed size of 1300mm X 640mm and a bed height of 740mm. It is mainly used with X-ray machine for pet photography. NK-VT03 vet table is the comparison of the three types vet table.
A high-end one, the vet table size of this bed is 1400 mm X720 mm, the bed height is 830 mm, the bed surface is four-way floating bed, the motion of the vet table is controlled by infrared ray, electromagnetic lock. CR, DR and cassette can be used in this vet table.


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