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How to choose the table surface material of radiography table

Everyone should know or have heard of the radiography table. The table is widely used in medical equipment in this era. The table is also divided into those with a film box and those without a film box. What should be used for the x ray table with a film box? As for the material of the countertop, let me introduce it to you today.
We should choose a transparent acrylic panel for the X-ray table with bucky, which facilitates the positioning of the collimator and the plate, and the doctor can easily align the center line when adjusting the X-ray irradiation area. The position of the bucky of the Tianzheng table body is greatly improved Improve work efficiency and film accuracy. The four wheels make the doctor’s work more convenient, and the wheels are in contact with the ground to save effort. Moreover, the acrylic panel has good light transmission, and the transparent panel has excellent weather resistance and good performance.
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