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Classification of radiology x ray table

According to different fields of use and functions, radiology x ray table can be divided into the following categories:
1. Medical x ray bed: mainly used in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions for X-ray and other medical imaging examinations, usually with functions such as adjustable height and angle.
2. Industrial x ray bed: It is used for non-destructive testing of industrial products, and can detect internal defects and structural features of items through X-ray imaging and other technologies.
3. X ray bed for research: used for research in the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, etc., the internal structure information of the sample can be obtained by X-ray or neutron imaging and other technologies.
4. Educational x ray bed: It is mainly used for teaching experiments in educational fields such as schools and training institutions, and can help students understand scientific principles and applications such as X-ray imaging.
5. X ray bed for art: It is used for the imaging of artworks and the protection of cultural heritage. The internal structure and material of artworks can be observed through technologies such as X-ray and ultraviolet imaging.
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