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How to choose the bed board of the X-ray machine?

When arranging the imaging system of the X-ray machine, we also need to choose the filming bed. Although the price of the filming bed is relatively low in the whole system, it is also a relatively important component. Therefore, when choosing the filming bed, we must also improve the attach great importance to. Today we will briefly talk about how to choose the bed board in the process of choosing a film bed.
We know that the bed board of the filming bed should have a high penetration rate of x-rays, so the bed board with high penetration rate is currently used. The main bed board materials on the market are carbon fiber, acrylic, and MDF.
In terms of material properties, all three have good x-ray penetration, but in terms of cost performance, as a mid-priced acrylic bed, its cost performance is the highest. Therefore, as long as the budget is suitable, try to choose acrylic bed board, and MDF is not recommended.mobile medical X-ray table


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