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How to choose an X-ray table for pets?

When choosing an X-ray table for pets, there are several key factors to consider:
Pet size: Pets of different sizes require different sizes of tables. Make sure the product you choose fits your typical pet size range.
Comfort: Considering that the X-ray examination process may cause a certain amount of pressure and discomfort to pets, choose a table with comfort, such as soft cushions, non-slip materials, etc. This makes your pet more relaxed and comfortable.
Durability: Choose a durable radiography table that can withstand prolonged use and heavy loads. Pets may be active or refractory, so a durable stand and materials are needed.
Cleaning and hygiene: Considering the safety of X-rays and the hygiene and health of pets, choose products that are easy to clean and disinfect to ensure good hygiene.
Functionality: Some radiography tables for pets may be equipped with additional features, such as adjustable height, wheels for easy movement, etc.
These features make doctors and pet caregivers more efficient and convenient. It is best to consult a professional pet medical equipment supplier before purchasing to choose a suitable radiography table according to your specific needs.
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