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What are the advantages of acrylic radiography tables?

The countertop of radiography table is made of density board, acrylic board and carbon fiber board. Transparent board generally refers to transparent acrylic panel. Acrylic board mainly comes in two colors: transparent and porcelain white.
Acrylic panels are the preferred material because compared to density boards, acrylic boards have higher hardness, better quality, longer service life, and better transmittance of X-rays. Compared with carbon fiber boards, acrylic boards are cheaper and more affordable. Therefore, acrylic is the most widely used material for radiography table tops.
Transparent acrylic not only has the above advantages of acrylic material, but also has a more transparent and beautiful appearance, and scratches are not obvious after long-term use. The transparent tabletop is more commonly used for radiography tables with bucky, which is more convenient for focusing and can move the position of the flat-panel detector more intuitively when shooting different parts.
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