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How high is the photography flat bed above the ground?

Recently, the manager of a medical equipment company called to ask about the height of our photography flat bed, because the customer asked about the parameters of the photography flat bed before. At the beginning, it was recommended to move a flat bed with a cart under the bed. Width 725*Height 700mm, the bed surface is 70CM above the ground, and the bottom of the film cart is 53CM above the ground. The user equipment equipped with the DR flat panel detector can be installed on the film cart. The height of the flat-panel detector from the ground is 64cm. If calculated according to this height, we cannot use this photographic flat bed equipped with a film cart. What is needed is a photographic flat bed without a film cart. The height of this photography flat bed from the ground is 66.5cm, which just meets the customer’s requirements.
This photography flat bed has two brake wheels, which is convenient for doctors to move and operate. The bed can be equipped with c-arm or u-arm x-ray machine equipment. The price is relatively affordable. The size of this bed is sufficient for radiology photography. For domestic users, the entire photographic flat bed is usually packaged and shipped directly, which can save customers the trouble of installing it by themselves. If you have similar needs, remember to contact us!

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