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Features of medical X ray table

Medical X ray table bed surface is horizontal, vertical, movable and positioned at will, convenient and accurate, with large lifting range (530-800mm), suitable for patients of all ages, convenient for X-ray photography. Special composite bed plate with high X-ray penetration and good uniformity can meet the requirements of intraoperative radiography. Medical X ray table made of carbon fiber composite material has many advantages, such as high imaging quality, great strength, strong fatigue resistance and light quality. The good X-ray transmittance of the material itself can effectively reduce the harm of radiation on patients.
Features of medical X ray table
Medical X ray table 150kg volume 2200x890x53d-830mm lateral travel Foot brake control bed surface mechanical movement, also can be configured with infrared induction electromagnetic lock.
X-ray examination of the patient from head to foot in a half-lying position, sitting position and standing position. Exposure of the skull, chest, lungs, abdomen, and limbs can be achieved.
Newheek medical x ray table is divided into various types, including animal use and human use. And our medical X-ray table bed surface materials are divided into density board, carbon fiber and plexiglass.You can choose to customize.
Newheek medical x ray table can meet your different needs.


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