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Export of mobile filming bed to UAE

The client is a manager of a foreign trade company and wants to purchase a batch of mobile filming beds for a UAE. I sent relevant product information to the customer and confirmed the length and height of the relevant mobile filming bed with the customer. The customer asked whether the material of the mobile filming bed determined the price, and the reply to the customer was yes. After the customer looked for a while, he decided to purchase a mobile filming bed for acrylic panels. So what is the acrylic sheet, in fact it is a kind of plexiglass. This material has many advantages. First of all, it is cheap, has good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and will not cause yellowing and hydrolysis due to years of sun and rain. Long life span, compared with other material products, life span is longer than three years.
The customer decided to wait for the news from the UAE customer. Let us contact logistics to prepare to send the mobile filming bed to Guangzhou. After confirming the address and related information, we wait for the final news. The above is all about the mobile filming bed.

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