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American customer inquiries six-way floating table

The American client asked for a six-way floating table. The client is an architect and his customer wants to buy a six-way floating table. The client wants to confirm whether the size of the room he reserved is appropriate.We have sent the following technical parameters of the product to the customer for reference, hoping it can help the customer.
Bed surface size: 2020 mm x 800 mm
Bed surface material: acrylic
Longitudinal stroke: 450 mm ± 20 mm
Transverse stroke: 250 mm ± 10 mm
Lift stroke: 200mm (electric)
The lowest position of bed surface: 705mm ± 10mm
The highest position of bed surface: 905 mm±10 mm
Finally, we asked the client in the email whether his client had designated Newheek six-way floating table and when will the project start .If you are also interested in this six-way floating table , welcome to call us .

six-way floating table


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