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About the use and scope of Newheek medical x ray table

The use of the medical x ray table is mainly used for taking X-rays of severely bedridden patients in the hospital. It can also be used as a trolley to transfer patients in close distance for other examinations.
The floating medical x ray table fully meets the requirements of clinical sitting, standing, lying and special posture filming, effectively expanding the scope of clinical examination. Before clinical surgery, in many cases, patients need to be examined by X-rays, and patients are lying on ordinary operating beds.
Originally designed medical transparent medical x ray table, supporting medical X-ray imaging equipment DR filming use, the advantages are simple and convenient operation, one-step braking and unlocking operation, side column design to ensure barrier-free movement, transparent bed board is more convenient for doctors to position and take pictures.
The lightweight and ultra-thin design is suitable for shooting in a variety of different positions, and can be switched quickly and conveniently.
medical x ray tables are divided into human use and animal use, and human medical x ray tables are divided into fixed, mobile and four-way floating types. The table surface of our medical x ray table can be selected by yourself, divided into carbon fiber and plexiglass .
The medical x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.

The structure and type of medical x ray table radiology


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