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X ray table top material

The top material of the x ray table?

A customer inquired about the X-ray table, requesting a movable table that can be raised and lowered, hydraulic lifting, and carbon fiber board for the X ray table top material of the X ray table. U-arm X-ray machine is used, the width of the X ray table is 65-70cm, and the length is 210-220cm.
The client claimed that this was ordered by the hospital. Tell the customer that our X ray table is 1.9 meters long and 60 cm wide, and you need to check with the hospital.
Carbon fiber board material is the most expensive one. If the budget is limited, we recommend the X ray table top material of Newheek plexiglass panels. The transparent panel can facilitate shooting and positioning.
If you want to get the medical X-ray table, please contact us.service@newheek.com

X ray table top material


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