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X ray table is an important X-ray machine accessory

COVID-19 has been raging abroad for so long, and finally there is some good news. According to data released by the Italian Civil Protection Department, as of 18:00 on the day, there were a total of 128,948 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 15,887 deaths, 215,815 cured cases, and 525 new deaths on the day, the lowest since March 20 value. The national control measures implemented in Italy for nearly a month are paying off, and some areas require residents to wear masks and gloves when they leave home. Italy summed up China’s anti-epidemic experience, and finally ushered in the inflection point of the epidemic, and the important position of the mask was finally recognized. At the same time, it can’t play an important role in other medical equipment. Our X-ray machine and bucky stand are important materials in the epidemic. At the same time, if you need a hand switch, collimator or medical x ray table, please contact us.

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