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X ray Table export to Mauritius

On September 28, 2018, we received an inquiry on Alibaba to inquire about our X ray Table with the shot for the film cassette and asked us to calculate the sea freight to Mauritius.

Then I sent Mr. J the information about our X ray Table with the shot for the film cassette and asked for the specific delivery address.
After reviewing Mr. J, ask us about the price of the X-ray Table and calculate the shipping cost to Mauritius.

Then I looked for the freight forwarder to consult the port that arrived in Mauritius. The freight forwarder informed that there is only one port of Louis.
Then I made a formal invoice to Mr. J.

After he saw it, he said that he should not reflect the word “Radiology” in the invoice and asked us to write “Medical Examination Table” on the invoice and the shipping papers.

After consulting the manager, I revised the invoice and sent it to Mr. J. On the morning of the next day, Mr. J’s swift copy was received.

Due to the delay in the National Day, the order was completed, so the delivery was completed at the end of October.

During the period, the ship’s movements have been tracked and the customer will be given feedback once in two days. Finally in mid-November, Mr. J received his Table and gave us feedback.
If you are interested in our Table, please feel free to contact us.


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