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What should I pay attention to when choosing x-ray table?

When the x-ray table is photographed at an oblique angle, the metal frame on the edge of the x-ray table does not appear in the image.
When shooting at a large tilt angle, the x-ray table and the frame should not collide with each other.
It is equipped with a mattress that is not easy to get tired when lying down for a long time.X-ray table
A device that carries the subject during X-ray fluoroscopy and photography is also an operating table for doctors to perform catheter operations. It can move smoothly back and forth, up and down, and left and right.
The x-ray table can ascend and descend functions, suitable for various surgical needs ranging from high to low.C-arm special bed
It is used in conjunction with the C-arm imaging system and adopts a carbon fiber panel, which has strong permeability, high toughness and light weight, and can obtain clear images of various parts of the human body. It can be used for angiography, catheter intervention, radiological diagnosis, orthopedics, tumor surgery and treatment, etc., and is widely used in hospitals at all levels.


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