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X ray radiology table for pets

Features of pet-only X ray radiology table for photography:
● Designed for animal photography, easy to operate.
● Integrated machine design, small footprint, suitable for small veterinary hospitals.
● South Korea aluminum-based dense-grain fixed wire grid, the image is clearer.
● Floating bed surface, electromagnetic lock.
1. Photography bed
Bed size: 1200 × 700 × 750 (mm) (length × width × height)
Moving range of bed surface: longitudinal ± 250mm horizontal ± 100mm
Focal screen distance: 1200mm
2. X-ray tube assembly and column
Move up and down: 570 mm
Rotation around the center of the support arm: ± 180º
3. The maximum cassette size of the camera clip: 356mm × 432mm (14 ”× 17”)
4. Line filter (fixed) Grid density: N103 Focal length: 1000mm

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